What’s up guys?

13 Aug

My life has been pretty crazy lately.   We our proud parents again.

Alexandra Sadauskas! alexandra

So we have that going for us :).  Alexandra has been SO much easier than Will (our first child) in terms of crying and sleeping.  Will didn’t stop crying for 4 months (he had a hernia, jaundice, colic and reflux!).  Alexandra is a walk in the park comparatively.   There is some huge variance on how hard or easy having a newborn can be.

In other news much less important news, we sold our lake house.   The final price was $496,000 which is less than I think the house is worth, but I didn’t want to keep it through the winter.  When you look at the big picture, I took a total bloodbath on the house, but sometimes you just have to stop the bleeding.  All in all, I am very happy to have it gone.  Certainly, my life is much simpler.  Don’t be YOLOing any major life decisions out there kids.  Let my pain be your guide.

Recently in my free time, I have been doing a little Omaha 8 or better coaching.  My student is a really smart, cool kid, with a great outlook on life, so I really enjoy it.  As part of the lessons, we have been reviewing some of the high stakes 2k/4k heads-up 08 hands.  It’s been very interesting.  I guess my overall thoughts are that I think every regular in that game is making some clear mistakes.  So, I’m just biding my time, sharpening, honing, crafting :).

From what I have heard, the SallyWoo, KPR16, and cottonseed1 crew are all friends (possibly roommates).  They are all limit holdem heads up experts and have transitioned over into Omaha8.  I think they each play a little differently, but certainly all have the same overall approach.  I like watching their play, because if they are doing things differently than me it’s not just random button-mashing.  They may be wrong, but its certainly calculated to some degree.  Some of the other players while talented, haven’t put in the same effort mathematically as the SallyWoo team probably has at 08.

Specifically that crew is making some interesting flop calls.  The most glaring to me are the flop calls with unimprovable 2nd pair hands out of position – e.g. calling KK84 on an AT8 flop.  In a single raised, pre-flop pot, you just aren’t going to be able to get to river often enough to justify your barely tenable hot and cold equity.   I haven’t done the math on it, and it’s possible they have, so it has me curious to do some more investigation.

I think Isildur1 is particularly brutal.  I am not getting the sessions in their entire flow, but I see no reason to be putting JT45 single suit in a flop 3 betting range.  While not a huge error in a vacuum, its shows a lack of understanding.   I’m a huge,huge Isildur1 fan, so definitely not hating, but he’s outclassed as of right now in that game.

What might surprise people is that I think Ivey is pretty bad also. The first hand I watched he called a button raise with QQ92 badugi – then called a flop bet on A3T two suit.   That’s a little ridiculous.  I think you would would have to have a pretty strange set of presumptions to make that play anywhere close to right.  Something like “opponent prone to time-outs” or “a walking disconnector” might be sufficient notes to sway it to a call.   For sure, a canon like Isildur1, with a high turn bet percentage, can’t be a good candidate.

Two quick Ivey stories:  I played him once online a few years ago at 100-200 when he was slumming it.  He won exactly 1 dollar off me said “thanks for the buck” and left.

Another time I played with him live in a tournament. I literally couldn’t stop staring at him.  I know I’m not alone in saying that he is the only player in poker than can truely make other pros star-struck .   His aura is just ridiculous.  I ended up busting him in that tournament – let’s just say I can relate to this guy.


Other than that, our team have been working diligently on our non-performing notes and I think we should have some big things happening in the next month or so.  I will keep everyone updated.  Stay tuned!

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